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A candidate's character, professional integrity, and performance can be difficult to assess from an interview, but are critical to making the right employee selection. Therefore, collecting performance information and other assessment data from individuals who have worked directly with the applicant is an excellent way to complete important information about a person뭩 background.


Base on your organization뭩 specific needs, we can check out an applicant뭩 work history. We will actively pursue the reference information that will help you to make final employment decisions.


We can pursue information on:

    • Work performance
    • Adaptability
    • Customer service
    • Employee relations
    • Learning skills
    • Team skills
    • Communication skills

Different from an employment verification, an employment reference is information sought from supervisors and co-workers, who have first-hand knowledge of an applicant. The independence of the consultant combined with our professional approach often will allow references to be more relaxed and direct when talking with us.


We also offer a service in which we seek out "unlisted references" to round out the listed employment references. "Unlisted references" provide responses from people who have worked with the applicant, but were not listed on the application or resume. References can range from a minimum of 2 persons to 5 persons or more. All background checks can be customized to meet your specific requirements. 



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